Activesoft has over 20 years of commercial experience.
We specialize in .NET C#, C++, C, under Microsoft operating systems.
We are also familiar with UNIX Operating System.
Currently Activesoft is developing software solutions for Scanalyse Pty Ltd – Laser Scanning Technology, Inventor of The Year 2007.
All our projects have always been done on time and are of a very high quality.

Activesoft has been developing commercial 3D interactive/real-time graphical applications including mining (open pits, drill holes, block models), laser scanner data – 3D modelling of mining mills and crushers, geophysical/marine exploration – single beam, multi beam underwater sonar devices, side scan sonar devices.

Activesoft has developed several general purpose graphical engines/controls using both OpenGL and DirectX.

Summary of Activesoft's skills:
• C#, C++, C, COM, WPF, Windows Forms, MFC.
• Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, UNIX.
• Computer graphics: OpenGL, DirectX (DirectX 9/10/11), GDI.
• Database: ADO.NET, Entity Framework, ADO, ODBC, DAO, TSQL, MS-Jet DB.
• Communication: WCF, NET TCP/IP, Windows Sockets, Named Pipes, RS232, OPC.
• Web: HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, MVC, Rasor. • Vector Data: FME SDK– Feature Manipulation Engine.
• Raster Images: Accusoft, Leadtools Imaging SDKs.
• Charts: .NET Chart Control, ChartFX, Crystal Reports.
• VSTO – Visual Studio Tools for Office.
• 3D Points, 3D Surfaces – minimum curvature, binning, parabolic/hyperbolic fit.
• Spatial data processing and visualisation, DTM (digital terrain modelling), TIN (triangular irregular networks), contouring, gradient analysis.
• Geodesy library: Geodetic systems, Reference ellipsoids, Map Projections: UTM, Lambert Conformal Conic, Polar Stereographic.
• DSP: data acquisition, digital filters.
• Multithreading applications, inter-process communication and synchronisation.
• Mathematics, Statistics, Numerical methods, Algorithms, Operations Research.

Activesoft has designed and developed many sophisticated commercial systems.
Most of them include fancy 3D graphics, databases, communication, complex algorithms, reports, automatic spatial data processing, interactive graphical editing.