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Activesoft is a general purpose software development company with over 20 years of commercial experience.
It specializes in .NET C#, C++, C, under Microsoft operating systems.
Activesoft is also familiar with UNIX Operating System.
Currently Activesoft is developing software solutions for Scanalyse Pty Ltd – Laser Scanning Technology, Inventor of The Year 2007.
Activesoft has designed and developed many sophisticated commercial systems.
Most of them included fancy 3D graphics, databases, communication, complex algorithms, reports, spatial data processing, real-time graphics.
Activesoft is a fast paced software developer delivering software projects on time and of very high quality.
Activesoft is very strong in solving problems, designing efficient and reliable algorithms and has extremely good analytical skills.
All software products presented on this Web site were 100% designed and developed by Activesoft.

1. Dr3dx – general purpose 3D data visualization and spatial processing.
2. Heerema – real-time multi-beam and pipe profiling sonar recorder, processing and 3d visualization.
3. BallSize – auto detection of balls/spheres inside mining mills using laser scanner data. 3D visualization and statistical analysis.
4. DrGeo – off shore marine exploration. Real-time Sub-bottom profiles and geophysical interpretation.
5. MillMapperReport
6. VEGA – 3D Land Survey Design and Analysis.
7. Crusher Mapper Alignment Tool.

Activesoft has also designed and developed many reusable components.
Examples are:

1. 3D Graphics pluggable controls using DirectX 9/10 and OpenGL.
2. Geodesy library: Geodetic systems, Reference ellipsoids, Map Projections: UTM, Lambert Conformal Conic, Polar Stereographic.
3. DTM component – to create 3D Surfaces from 3D Points using minimum curvature, binning, parabolic/hyperbolic fit, etc.
4. Contouring component – to create contour maps.
5. Vector data components based on FME – Feature manipulation engine.
6. Raster Image components based on Accusoft and Leadtools SDKs.