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CrusherMapper is a technology delivering significant savings to crushin operations through extended liner life, reduced shutdowns time and greater productivity.
It represents a quantum leap in the measurement, modeling and management of crusher liner maintenance.
Inventor of the year 2007 award in WA.

The software was developed using C#, .NET technologies, WinForms, WPF, OpenGL, DirectX, VSTO, .NET Chart, ChartFX, C++, COM, C.
Activesoft has designed and developed company’s software suites: MillMapper and CrusherMapper.
It includes the following functionality:

1. Automatic clean up and segmentation of laser scanned data points.
2. Automatic normalization/orientation of laser scanned data points.
3. Creating crusher 3D model from segmented/normalized laser scanned data points.
4. Calculating volumes and weights of crusher liners.
5. Calculating liner wear rates at different profile locations.
6. Calculating forecasting for relining crushers.
7. Drawing of 3D geometry of crushers including Concave and Mantle. All drawing is done using OpenGL and DirectX technologies.
8. Automatic/software data analysis and generating report database.
9. Sophisticated data repository with automatic spatial data processing and analysis wizards.
10. Automatic/Programmatic report document generation using VSTO – Visual Studio Tools for Office.
11. Designed & developed full processing suite for mining crushers.
12. Designed & developed repository storages for all operational data. Multiple clients, sites, devices, surveys, acquired/processed/reports data. This repository consists of raw data, processed data, images, databases for different purposes, proprietary file formats. The size of repository is now many terabytes and growing.
13. Forecasting algorithm using history database and forecasting simulator.
14. Manual alignment tool of XYZ laser data points using interactive 3D graphics under Direct3D.