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Activesoft has designed and implemented a number of software projects for Micromine.
The most significant are:

GPICK - mining exploration data processing.
Developed using object oriented Microsoft Visual C++ technology.
This program is entirely written in C++ using MFC - Microsoft Foundation Classes.
The conceptual aspects have been specified by mining engineers.
Activesoft has designed and implemented object oriented functional interface, and behavior.
The major components are: Generic Display Form Class - All GPICK parameter screens are derived
from this class inheriting varieties of field types and automatic field verification.
Support for storing multiple parameter sets.
Graphical Display Class - all GPICK graphical displays are derived from this class inheriting
real world coordinate system, drawing functions, zooming, panning, etc.
The first release was in June 1995.

MICROMINE - this is original Micromine Mining software product with hundreds of sales worldwide.
Activesoft has contributed thousands of hours in maintenance and developing new modules.
The list of tasks would be too long to show in this document.

ENSIN - Engineering Seismic Interpretation.
Real-time DSP seismic data acquisition and processing.
The working environment was PC using C, Intel assembly and TMS-320C30 assembly.
Major components are: Message driven graphical interface.
Video DOS device drivers for 16 and 256 colours.
Embedded system on the DSP card with TMS320C30 processor, 2 channel analog input, and 2 channel analog output.
The software on the card involved interrupt driven data acquisition of trigger and data channels, band pass filters, TVG-time varied gain filters, Stack-moving average filter, swell filter, seabed detection, digital amplifier, spiking and predictive deconvolution filters, passing commands and data between PC and DSP card.
SCSI - device driver for tape drives.
Interfacing 9 - track tape drive for SEG-Y format (seismic data storage standard).
Interrupt driven serial communication library for receiving GPS navigation fixes.
Graphical displays such as: Oscilloscope, Profile recording and playback, Interactive digital filter designs for spiking and predictive deconvolution (multiple reflection removal), FFT - fast Fourier transform.
Digitizing reflectors on seismic data and calculating 3D real world coordinates using navigation fixes.
Exploring DMA chip. The ENSIN system was entirely designed and implemented by myself.
The field consulting was provided by professional surveyor/geophysicist.