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FTR - Future Technology Resources

Future Technology Resources specializes in digital audio recording of the courtroom proceedings. The main product For The Record allows the full work flow management of recorded audio, transcription and evidence. The product is based on the Client/Server architecture.

Activesoft's main responsibilities were maintaining, designing and developing new components on the Server side of the product. The Server application is the central part of this product. All workstations/clients login into Server and use its services. It controls database access, activities, allocation of system resources and maintains integrity of data (audio, documents, evidence).

The whole product is developed using MS-Visual C++.
The Server is a sophisticated multithreaded application.
It is using ODBC for the database access.
The SQL-Server database is used on the large installations (multiple clients) or Jet database is used on the standalone or portable systems.
The recorded data can be archived in real-time to the tape drives (such as DAT ) or disk devices such as MO-Magneto Optical drives, ZIP drives, CDs, etc.
The multiple users can be connected to the Server performing different operations such as recording, playback, life audio listening (confidence monitoring), archiving, restoring, annotating, transcribing, querying database, etc.

Some of the interesting components Activesoft has designed and developed are:

• Windows Sockets communication between all client/server applications.
• Life audio transmission over LAN.
• VOX – automatic voice switching. The audio recording can be automatically switched on and off depending on the audio input energy levels.
• Data replication. Automatic/Scheduled replication of database, audio file,
documents and attachments/evidence to any other Server on LAN.
• Archiving to tape devices using SCSI interface.
• Notification mechanism – the server can notify client applications of some important or critical events using Sockets broadcasting over LAN.

In addition to the above Activesoft has greatly contributed to the general robustness of the Server application by constantly enhancing its functionality, reliability and performance.

The product is marketed and sold worldwide. It’s been sold to South East Asia, Australia and USA.
FTR has received a number of awards. It has won 1st price in the Emerging Exporter Of The Year category in Western Australia and two weeks later received 1st price in the same category for the whole of Australia.