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Developed for TMT – Total Marine Technology/ Woodside Heerema project.
Heerema is a modern application developed using .NET C# technologies.
The main objectives of this application is to acquire data from the underwater drill hole survey, create 3D model and perform volume calculations.
The input data is collected in real time.
The application is able to control and configure Digital Pipe Profiling Sonar device.
In addition to this there is depth Z and Heading inputs from the serial COM port.
All collected data is synchronized, merged in real time and displayed in 3D graphical view.
The 3D graphical view allows Zooming, Panning, Rotations in all directions.
Some selection and editing tools are provided in 3D graphics.
The collected data is saved into the session files.
These files can then be reloaded at any later time for further editing and processing.
The program also has automatic filtering to remove unwanted spurious data points.
It provides tools to construct solid surfaces.
The surface can be displayed in 3D graphics as well.
It can be color coded by deviations from the nominal cylindrical shape.
This highlights any cracks or non smooth abnormalities in the drill hole shape.
It has tools to specify and display horizontal cross section of the hole.
It is horizontal ring slice of the hole data displayed in any orientation including plan view over grid type axes.
Some measurement tools are provided in 3D graphics such as Distance between two points.
The program can calculate volume inside constructed drill hole surface between specified elevations.
The final report displays Volume vs Depth Chart.
The Data Simulator is provided for the development testing and/or training purposes.